10 facts about Nipah Virus you must know!

The Nipah Virus is making headlines everywhere because its death toll is on a rise and people don't know what exactly the virus is like. To get your facts straight, know the following 10 facts about the NiV.


ORIGIN OF THE NIPAH VIRUS: Nipah Virus is a newly emerging zoonosis that causes a severe disease in both animals and humans. This virus was first identified in Malaysia and Singapore in 1998.

IT IS ASSOCIATED WITH INFLAMMATION OF THE BRAIN: Nipah Virus is usually associated with inflammation of the brain due to which severe days of fever can often lead to a state of confusion, disorientation and even persistent drowsiness. If not taken care of, these symptoms can even cause a coma in a span of 24-48 hours.


COMMON SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS: Some common signs and symptoms of NiV are headache, fever, nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and mental issues such as confusion. These symptoms can last up to 7-10 days.

THE PRIMARY CARRIERS OF NiV: The primary carriers of NiV in humans are the respiratory secretions. The risk gets very high is the patient has respiratory symptoms, such as coughing and sneezing.

DO NOT CONSUME DATE PALM SAP: Do not consume date palm sap as the chances of it being contaminated are very high.

IT IS HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS IN PIGS: The NiV is highly contagious among pigs, spread by coughing.

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