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100 Million Yuan donated by Chairman of to fight COVID-19 began as a little booth when Liu Qiangdong established it, but it has since evolved to become Asia's fifth internet firm by revenue. The company's résumé includes a long list of professional successes and successful business ventures. The current CEO Richard Liu has realized his ambition as an entrepreneur by combining business acumen and personal convictions. Qiangdong has emphasized the significance of customer service and a commitment to creating a positive influence through the company along this journey.

Today, e-commerce quickly displaces traditional purchasing methods for busy professionals and anybody wishing to save some time. It is not surprising that businesses looking to keep a competitive edge are refocusing their strategies to focus on online ordering patterns. 

Several huge corporations already recognize the enormous advantages of online operations. Richard Liu has previously gone through the process and perfected it. Liu was the first to enter the web business several years before his competitors. His globally recognized enterprise, JD, was already in charge of providing fresh food, luxury clothes, and other home things to over 300 million clients in China.

Before beginning his entrepreneurial drive took over his professional life, Richard began creating his internet empire by honing his computer coding skills and knowledge. He taught himself various computer-related skills while attending The People's University of China, majoring in sociology. 

After school, Liu went on to work with Japan Life, a natural supplement firm with an internet presence, graduation. He had a good eye for generating growth inside the web sector as the company's Director of Computers.
Later, he rented his first store space in China's technological area, focusing on magneto-optical equipment. He experienced ongoing success within his traditional business structure after successfully establishing various outposts of Jingdong throughout the region. 

However, during China's SARS crisis, he witnessed a rise in the numbers of individuals trying to shop without leaving their homes and saw the potential benefits of bringing his activities online.

Liu Qiangdong quickly liquidated his physical shops and started making sales online, relying on his business sense. He used his previously honed talents to improve his back-end platforms and create a cutting-edge technology that separated him from most of his initial competition.

He recognized the need of providing a great user experience by employing existing technology to maintain a positive customer experience. From browsing through delivery, Liu used his already-honed talents to expand his back-end platforms further, resulting in a distinct, forward-thinking innovation that separated the company apart from early competitors. He even introduced drones to provide a population with millions of clients with same-day or next-day delivery options.

After perfecting his software, Liu saw the benefit of expanding his offers. He renamed the firm 360Buy Jingdong and later changed it to the current name Liu's choice to take the company online paid off quickly and aggressively in the rapidly rising e-commerce sector while also allowing the company to perfect its innovative technology. 

By the time his competitors started online sales, Richard's venture had already amassed millions of active users and was listed on NASDAQ, demonstrating its global reach. The company has a good reputation among its customers and business partners, thanks to years of expertise in the e-commerce market.

Philanthropic Efforts

Apart from making work easier for many residents of China and others worldwide, the company is also involved in various philanthropic activities. Recently, JD announced their donation amounting to RMB 100 million yuan to acquire the various materials that would help fight against COVID-19 that the Hong Kong medical personnel would use. 

The company said they would constantly contact the non-profit group and help as needed in the fight against the pandemic's recurrence in Hong Kong.

The company has spent the last two years using its supply chain infrastructure capabilities and technology advantages by fulfilling its social responsibility by preventing and managing COVID-19 outbreaks in various parts of China. They have since contributed to the fight against COVID-19 across Asia, Europe, and South America.

Author: Anestesia Deniz    

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