Dangers Of Drinking Bottled Water And 7 Healthier Alternatives

By drinking bottled water, there's a high chance that you're exposing yourself to alarming levels of BPA and other toxins. These are responsible for causing a number of health hazards and diseases – from cancer and hormonal disruption to birth defects and toxin-accumulation in your body. Since we must go on drinking water anyway, it’s best to go for steel bottles or home filtration systems.


If you’re someone who swears by the health bible, you are well aware of the fact that drinking lots of water is the key to good health. Many of us prefer bottled water either because of the taste or because of how convenient it is to grab one of these bottles to go. And with bottled water being available everywhere, it’s easy to stick to your daily quota of water.

From groceries and restaurants to gas stations and schools – bottled water has now become a staple stock item. However, while you may be mindful of sticking to the recommended “8 glasses per day” quantity, you may not be making the best choice by choosing to drink bottled water. Here’s why.

Health Hazards Of Bottled Water

1. It Can Make You Gain Weight

Many plastics, including the one that you’re drinking water from, contain bisphenol A (BPA). This particular chemical compound has been found to trigger fat cell growth. Researchers extracted and isolated human cells from the hips, thighs, or abdomens of female volunteers. These cells were then exposed to BPS over a span of two weeks. The result? The cells that were left exposed to tiny amounts and the highest concentrations of BPS displayed the highest amount of fat growth.1

Given the fact that obesity is an already existing health problem that only seems to be becoming a larger concern with every passing year, this is definitely one reason you want to give up drinking bottled water.

2. It Can Cause Cancer

When a plastic bottle is left out in the heat for too long, the plastic can release chemicals like BPA and dioxin into the water. By drinking this water, you’re exposing yourself to water with carcinogens, that will naturally, increase your risk of getting cancer. Of course, more research is needed to confirm this, but it doesn’t mean we can go on drinking bottled water. You definitely don’t want to wait for all the evidence to show you that it can cause cancer after all!

3. Your Body Becomes A Dumping Ground

Ingesting BPA and other toxins through your bottled water is going to lead to all these chemicals being circulated throughout your body.2 They can cause some damaging effects to your organs, including your liver – the primary detox organ that works hard to filter out waste to keep your body clean and healthy. Over the years, your body will become a giant dumping ground of all sorts of chemicals and toxins. If your liver cannot function properly either, there will be nothing to filter out the waste, and from thereon, it’s just a downward spiral.

4. It Can Wreak Havoc On Your Hormones

Plastics release hormone disruptors in your water that confuse your body and lead to various health complications

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