Illegal To Work Abroad With A tourist visa

Anybody who is planning to get started with work anywhere abroad must know that working while on a tourist visa is illegal and can have serious consequences. Make sure you have Employment/Work Visa before you report to duty on your first day.

You should know that working on a tourist visa is illegal and if an employer is making you work illegally, you might have a risk of being exploited.


Most countries penalize the a tourist visa holder who has been working without work visa to make this a rare occurrence, but people still persist on going the illegal way because of the rewards. Dubai is extremely strict about this and penalizes the accused a tourist visa holder working in the country a hefty 50,000 Dirhams, and even blacklists the person ensuring that they never get a work visa in Dubai.

Here are a few things you should know when considering a job prospect abroad.

  1.  If you are pursuing a strong job prospect, then you should ask your employer to sponsor you to change from tourist to work visa. Make sure you have a legal bond that states that you will not be working during the phase of visa transition. If your sponsor backtracks on the agreement, you can file a case against them.
  2. It is important to go through the process legally, since these procedures provide you with legal documents that confirm that you are a responsible expat.
  3. It is illegal to work with a tourist visa, and there is no point in working while your work visa is being processed since you might be subjected to unpaid employment.
  4. You would be heavily penalized by the law if you break the rule and work on a tourist visa. Along with you, the employer will also face serious penalty and consequences.

To sum it all, it is clear that the option to start work immediately on a tourist visa is lucrative, but it comes with several legal consequences that affects you and your family’s welfare. You must be aware of your rights and not give in to any illegal offers made by employers. Your future depends on having the right start, so don’t ruin a good chance by hurrying into it.

Author: Tanya Michael   

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