One Direction Reunion Has Been Confirmed

Its been two long years since the hearts of 14-year-old girls were shattered; after an event which collectively tarnished their hopes and dreams for the future.

The splintering of One Direction led to a biblical flood of teenage tears which washed away the biggest boyband phenomenon of a generation.

A groaning gap was left in their absence. Who would young people chase and shriek at in the streets? Who would grumpy cynics moan and tut about whenever they tuned into Radio One?

However, listen closely and you may well hear the fluttering of a chapstick smeared poster as it breezes past. Yes, One Direction could well be breaking free of their hiatus, joining voices once more in an exciting new direction…

Speaking in Berlin with German publication Promiflash, Liam Payne dropped a massive bombshell:

" I think it will happen sometime in the foreseeable future, we’ve already talked about it.

We have the dream of this next big show and the stage we are currently in, and the success of everyone is so important to us to realize the show.

He added:

" With everybody being so successful … It’s is so important for us to be able to make that show. And it’s the only way really that One Direction could get any bigger.

It’s the only way we could get more successful really, isn’t it? By being good on your own.

The boys have all developed impressively as musicians in their own right since they took different directions; finding their own unique styles and influences.

However, I’m betting it’s way more fun on the tour bus when you have your bezzie mates at your side to share the fun.

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Source: qatarday

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