These McDonald's Brainteaser Tests And Their Answers Can Get You A Headache

World's biggest food chain franchise, McDonald's is very well known for its ideas and creativity to engage its customers. Many times they have come up with ideas that were probably as sticky to our minds as their cheeseburgers to our teeth. To bound their customers by giving them a hard brainstorming time, McDonald's have innovated series of tests that not only make you stick to them as a promising customer but also, gives you a great time solving them. 


Here are some of the tests and their answers(if you may need them). Also, we have looked for some funny and entertaining responses by some people from all over, have a good time solving these.

Have a look and try to figure it out.

Havea look and try to figure it out.

Yeah, exactly but no? WHAT!

Yeah,exactly but no? WHAT!

No Rusty, no.‚ÄčNoRusty, no.





Source: themagicoflife

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