Why Our Voice Sound Different When Recorded?

A lot of us hates listening to our voice played back from a recording. On a recording, our voice sounds weird and different from what we hear when we speak. Even though most of us know this for a fact, many us aren't aware of the reason behind this. 

The main reason for this is, when we speak, we hear our own voice in two different ways. The first is the normal way, the way everyone else hears our voice. It happens when the sound waves of your voice hit your ear drums. 


However, there is a second way in which we 'listen' to sounds, through bone vibration. This is the technique used in the famous Google Glass and in some full display smartphones that had to get rid of the earpiece. 

When you speak, sing, or yell, the sound that comes from you is formed as a result of vibrations created by your vocal cord. This action of the vocal cord sets off vibrations inside your skull and these vibrations travel through your skull in wave form and reach the ear drums. However, when these vibrations travel through your skull, their frequency is altered into a low pitch, making it sound different. 

So, when we hear our voice while speaking you are listening to two different variations of your sound. But when your voice is recorded and played back, you only hear them through the first way. 

Source: lifehacker

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