10 Confessions From Girls Who Are Hooked On Gaming

4. There’s A Kim Kardashian Game?


This just goes to show how diverse the gaming community really is. In terms of mobile games, I thought there was Simpsons Tapped Out,  the few Star Wars games, and Bejeweled (or its modern day counterpart Candy Crush). Either way, I’m really sad that Kim Kardashian has a game out. She’s already everywhere. She doesn’t need to start invading the gaming community. But she has, so here we are. And apparently, the game has got a girl hooked. Which makes her an addicted gamer. Which I guess also makes her a gamer girl. And that’s not a fake thing! And what’s even more interesting is that this girl likes her boyfriend to get a little naughty when she’s playing the game. I’m not going to go out of my way to download this game, but I am wondering just what the hell happens in it that makes it so exciting.  

3. She’s Not Interested In You…Just The Game

Now, this is a sure-fire sign of a true gamer girl. If she was a “fake gamer girl”, then she’d be doing everything she could for attention. But if her main concern is for you to f*ck off so she can keep playing the game without being hit on, then I wouldn’t mess with her. Chances are she could kick your ass. So, what I’m saying is don’t all this girl into a match of CoD thinking that you’re going to score a date out of the affair. That’s just not the way it’s all going to play out. She’s going to hunt you down and waste you so many times that you won’t even know what the hell hit you. I mean, you will because you’ll see it on the “death cam”, but otherwise you would have no way to tell. Which is kind of awesome, I think. But if you’re afraid of losing your pride…just leave her alone.

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