10 Confessions On What Guys Find Strangely Attractive About Women

The majority of girls always ask themselves, what are the things that men find attractive in women. So many studies have been conducted to find a clear-cut answer to such a query.

These studies tried to find out what men are really interested in. Of course, such a question has been posted for many decades. Asking such questions, this means that many people have a profound idea about it. Yet the majority of scientists have been male researchers who tried hard to figure out what women want in regard to men. But, unfortunately, they spent much less time finding out the reverse; what makes women attractive to men! However, they have proven that there is no ideal answer. Don’t get worried. There is still some hope rising in the horizon. But let’s not exaggerate.

In any case, a lot of research focused only on looks. Men get attracted to women because women are fertile, which means that men focus on women’s bodies, even their other features like their personalities. The attraction means that men don’t always concentrate on only physical features, like paying attention to women’s beauty, fit bodies, clothing style, and so on. If you track down scientific findings, you will get to one amazing truth: men love many things about women. Where did we do our research? Whisper! If you wonder what men like, read below the 10 Whisper confessions about what guys find strangely attractive about women.

10. She is attractive when she is confident

Men always appreciate and admire women who have high levels of self-confidence and self-esteem. Men like women who can stand on their own, speak wisely and walk with confidence. Your partner will find that you’re not a little girl who needs more and more attention and care. Men will see that you’re a young lady that is confident, powerful and can run their part of the relationship. However, you don’t always have to be powerful and confident because your partner will want to see that you need him and also need his protection and attention. He likes to feel that he is useful, and his presence is important to you. When you’re at home, he likes to be in charge, and you always take his opinion and consult with him when you run your life and your relationship.

9. She is attractive when she is sleeping

Here are what some men said on Reddit about watching women when they sleep at how attractive it is. When a woman goes to sleep, she looks more like a baby sleeping in his bed, being at ease with an angel face and pure spirit. She looks so adorable and cute. When a girlfriend sleeps curled up into her partner with her pajamas on and her heavenly face, he finds her so attractive and peaceful. He tends to keep looking at her and wakes up before she does in order not to disturb her. However, he knows that he is into her, and he is so attracted to her body and spirit. Men find women, especially attractive when she wears cute shorts and a ripped T-shirt to sleep.

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