15 Amazing Cooking Tricks For The Kitchen

No one is born with their master of art, especially in the kitchen. But, the following list is not just intended for complete beginners who are standing in front of the cooker for the first time, not knowing what to do with the ingredients. Instead, these tips throw light on the little challenges established professional chefs come up against in the kitchen on a daily basis.


1. Removing heat from chili peppers

Remove the seeds and veins from the raw chili pepper, and rinse it in cold water. The heat will disappear, but the flavor will still be there.

2. Cutting onions correctly

After removing the skin, cut the onion into quarters. For each segment, start at the tip, and make horizontal cuts that go as close as possible to the root.

Next, you can make several vertical cuts one after the other. The point of the knife should be facing toward the root.

To finish, cut the onion into slices as you normally would. Again, start from the tip of the onion. You should now have some perfectly cut cubes.

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