Forest Spirit in Disguise? Cat Leads Lost Humans Out of This Scary Japanese Forest

In Japan, there’s this so-called ‘Suicide Forest’ where thousands of people had gone to for the sole purpose of taking their lives. While the place can be rather creepy, especially when you think of the spirits of the many people who had lost their lives inside (if you believe in such things, of course), some people think that the forest would be a great place to explore.


Twitter user zc31s_Monster and his friend were among those who went to the forest to explore, doing it at night for more excitement.

They weren’t particularly scared because their modern car had a GPS navigation system. You surely couldn’t get lost with those things in your car, right? Well, they were wrong.

While inside the thick forest, the car’s navigation system suddenly failed. What’s worse is that the two had not really kept track of where they were going as they had full faith on the GPS to lead them out. With so many roads inside the forest leading to someplace they know nothing about, they were lost and were getting concerned as to how they could ever get out.

Forests can be creepier at night, especially if you know you are lost. Even grown men can fear the eerie forest and would want to leave as fast as they could. But how could they find their way now, with the car’s navigation system off?

Just when they thought they were stuck there for the night, they spotted a cat in the middle of the road. What made this cat appear different from others is that it wasn’t the least bit afraid of the vehicle and did not get out of the path even with the car approaching.

Moreover, it appeared to signal them to follow it. As the cat trotted along the path, it would stop from time to time to check whether the car was following. It seemed like a good sign; thus, the friends began to follow the cat.

Probably thinking the humans were alright, the cat began to leave the path but when the car stopped, the cat must have realized they still needed help. So, it went back to the path and trotted ahead, again stopping from time to time to check on them, before finally leading them out of the forest! Wow.

Perhaps this was a forest spirit in disguise? It was a good thing it was a kind spirit that found them instead of a malevolent being…

Source: buzzflare

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