Man Rushes To Hospital When Pregnant Girlfriend Goes Into Labor And Discovers She's Lied About Everything

It is one thing to conceive a child, but it is something else entirely to physically give birth. Whether you’re a mother or father, the moment your offspring is delivered into the world, everything changes.

But for one father, the happiest moment of his life was to be cruelly destroyed when he arrived at the hospital to find that the quintuplets he’d been expecting with his girlfriend never existed in the first place.

Paul Servat believed that his girlfriend of two months, Barbara Bienvenue, was expecting after she announced she was pregnant in September 2013. After all, why would he have any reason to doubt she was telling the truth?

Now, with the help of hindsight, Servat is able to see that his girlfriend’s behavior was rather peculiar.

A cause for concern was the number of children the pair were having. Initially, Bienvenue was only expecting one baby, but after a few weeks, this changed to twins, then triplets, then quadruplets until she finally settled on quintuplets – one week before she was due to give birth.

With five babies on the way – an extremely rare phenomenon – Servat knew that they’d need financial support. Wanting to give his babies the best start in life, the 35-year-old launched a Facebook page in order to collect donations from local stores, charities, and citizens.

The community soon began to provide the happy couple with clothing and furniture, which they installed in the nursery at their home in Montreal, Canada. But if Servat was already happy, he was ecstatic when 37-year-old Bienvenue asked him to pick their five baby names.

“We were so happy,” he said.

Despite the swelling of her belly, it was clear to outsiders that her bump wasn’t big enough to accommodate five fetuses. An acquaintance of the happy couple, who’d just had triplets, was the first to become suspicious.

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