Photos Of Royal Babes That Give Meghan Markle A Run For Her Money

Meghan Markle is on the brink of becoming royalty; it’s basically what every girl dreams about as a child — becoming a real princess. It was even Blair Waldorf’s dream in Gossip Girl, to land herself a prince — she did and it turned out that it wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It’s always surprising to us when a regular girl becomes a princess because royals usually have to marry royals. We grew up with fairytales where kings and queens bartered over who would be lucky enough to marry the princes of the land and it was never a commoner, that is until Cinderella showed up.


Megan Markle is our era’s Cinderella, though she didn’t come from such humble beginnings. Markle is gorgeous, there’s not doubt about it, and she will make a beautiful princess, but she’s not the only hottie on the royal block.

You might be surprised to find out how many royal families there are in the world, many of which have some pretty hot royal ladies. Some were made princesses by birth while others were lucky enough to marry into a royal family. The world of a princess includes wealth and luxury, a true dream come true. With these royal women, you will find elegance, grace, and exceptional beauty. They have their own talents in the royal family that are far superior to their good looks. Check out these 10 photos of royal babes that give Meghan Markle a run for her money.

10. Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge

We couldn’t do a hot royal list without having Kate Middleton in the mix. After all, she is a true hottie and Markle will be marrying into that direct family line. Middleton is one of the few royals where we can find a totally hot photo of her because most royals who are born into it are trained not to go out in public without looking like they are on the top of their game. There has been a lot of scandals revolving around Middleton because she was just a regular girl before she became royal. She was once photographed topless while on vacation and it just goes to show how you have to be aware that someone is always watching the royal family. All and all though Middleton seems to be a good choice for the royal family and hopefully Markle will step in and make the royal family proud as well.

9. Queen Rania Of Jordan

This is one princess who made her way to queen. That is a rarity in the royal world because it is never guaranteed that just because you become a princess that you will ever be queen. Queen Rania is one queen that appears to be ageless. In 2011, she was listed as one of the most beautiful “first ladies” in the world by Harpers and Queen magazine. She is married to King of Jordan Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein and they have four children together. This queen is no slouch either, she is considered to be a progressive queen and has her hand in advocacy work that includes, health, education, youth, community empowerment, micro-finance, and cross-cultural dialogue, just to name a few. Her daughters look like they are more like her twins than her daughters and we can see why she is considered to be one of the most beautiful royals in the world.

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