BB Gandanghari’s Headshot Video Receives Several Comments

The transgender Filipino celebrity BB Gandanghari’s headshot video crosses the social media platform and receives several comments.

BB Gandanghari or previously known as the handsome actor Rustom Padilla is finally making it in reaching her Hollywood dream.


And in reaching that certain goal as a transgender in a foreign country, she reflected her feelings in an open letter she shared on her Instagram account.

She has stated how everything in her life seemed to fall in its right places and realize later on that she was all wrong upon the fact that she personally experienced “that discrimination as a transgender on job opportunities is not just a hearsay, but a sad and unfortunate reality.”


Eventually, fate brought her good luck that led her signing up for The Brogan Agency, a step closer to reach her Hollywood dream.

And as he has finished her headshots, she immediately shared its video on her Instagram along with a written caption which indicated, “#HEADSHOT: Updated! BB. Gandanghari 2018 #character #nophotoshop #actorsaccess #castingfrontier #lacasting #pilotseason2018 #transpinay #transisbeautiful #filipinoartistinhollywood #auditioningactor #bookings.”

One comment from the post said, “YOU.ARE.AMAZING. Salute to you, ma’am @gandangharibb Never had I doubted that you’ll make it there and on whatever endeavor you choose. May He bless you always! Good luck and soo proud of you!”

Another told, “Nice. But some of the photos are a little bit dark. And a little baby oil to smooth down the hair would go a long way too to making you look a lot younger & less haggard.”

Source: philnews

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