Group Of Men Take Advantage, Transferring Beers To Containers During Beer Truck Accident

A group of men takes advantage of a beer truck accident through transferring bottled beers into their own containers.

Nowadays, beer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages not only in the Philippines but also in different countries all around the world.


Most people also love to drink beer especially during special occasions including birthday celebrations, Christmas party, New Year’s party, and other occasions.

BeerTruck Accident

Recently, the Facebook page Master Epong has uploaded a video showing a group of men transferring bottled beers into their own huge container during a beer truck accident.

BeerTruck Accident

In the video, it can be seen that several guys were opening and transferring the beer from San Miguel Beer bottles to their own containers.

BeerTruck Accident

Those men were rushing to drink or even get all the beers as much as they can.

The video also garnered different reactions from the social media users. Here are some of the comments:

Sam Latoza: “maghintay hintay lang kayo tiyak may magrereklamo na dyan.”

Fredyrick Baltazar: “ Madali lang mapapahuli ng San Miguel corporation mga nagnakaw ng Beer!! Lahat ng lasing dakipin!”

Nanding Ibuyat Haber: “dapat drum na lang ,, lubos lubos nyo na,,,walwal kau ng walwal bayad kau..hoy lol”

Daniel Dalinog: “Mag abang ng pulutan..”

Alvin Malana: “ Kapal ng mga mukha nyo”

Source: philnews

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