Is Piolo Pascual The ‘Male Friend’ That Mark Bautista Is Referring To In His Revelation?

Singer-actor Piolo Pascual’s name was dragged into speculations over the revelation of singer Mark Bautista that he had experienced being intimate with a ‘male friend’.


The revelation of Mark Bautista regarding himself surprised a lot of people. Based on a report, the singer recently revealed that he had an intimate experience with a “male friend” before. He did not identify as to who he is referring to.
His revelation is part of his new book ‘Beyond the Mark’ which was launched on February 14 according to the report.

Mark Bautista’s revelation gained various reaction from the people. Many people salute him for being courageous enough in revealing the real him considering that he is a public figure and he might be criticized by other people.

Based on the report, Mark Bautista expressed that his reason for writing a book revealing his identity is to tell people about his struggle. He expressed that he was able to pour what he wants to say and what he feels when he was doing it.

Meanwhile, the singer admitted that he wanted to have children and a family of his own if given the chance. He shared that he wrote in the book that if God will give him the “right person”, he will embrace it.
Based on a recent article in Philstar, singer-actor Piolo Pascual’s name was dragged into speculations over the revelation of Mark Bautista. There are rumors that he is the ‘male friend’ that the singer is referring to.

In addition, the article also stated that the speculations were even more ignited when Mark revealed that their “intimacy” ended with the girlfriend of his male friend knew about their close friendship.

Meanwhile, based on the report, citing the sources that are knowledgeable about the people involved, Mark Bautista is not referring to Piolo Pascual in his revelation. The sources reportedly chose to remain tight-lipped regarding the identity of that “male friend”.

Source: philnews

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