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Indian Chess Players Attacked By Local Goons In Philippines

Three best Indian chess players were attacked by local goons in the city of Makati city in Philippines The trio, who was there to participate in the Asian Continental meet, stepped out on the road to purchase drinking water when the incident took place just about 250 meters from their hotel, reported indiatimes.

India's most noteworthy appraised player of the tournament Vidit Gujrathi later took to his Facebook page to report the incident.


In any case, aside from being mixed, Gujrathi was saddened by the fact that the  local organisers did not see the incident with any seriousness."The saddest part is that afterupon informing this to organizers they remained aloof and ignored the seriousness of the issue," he wrote. 

Conversing with a site, Gujrathi later said "The police did not realize that there was such a tournament here. Along these lines, they couldn't give security." 

The Nashik-born Grandmaster is unhappy with the courses of action accommodated the players. "The hotel which they have provided us is bad. The food is bad. There is no net. I have brought a SIM card. There is no WiFi in our room," he was cited as saying.

"What sort of an occasion is this? Players are charged 5 times more and compelled to remain in this place, where essential necessities like tidiness, legitimate nourishment and water are not given.

This is sheer misuse of players. I am composing this post so that FIDE and the specialists will make the rightful action," he wrote on the FB.

Be that as it may, the All India Chess Federation (AICF) has remained by the players in thiscrisis situation.

AICF secretary Bharat Singh Chauhan has taken up the issue with first secretary of Embassy of India in Manila and has additionally gotten a positive reaction from him. 

Singh has likewise kept in touch with Asian Chess Federation president and secretary about this.The coordinators also woke up late and took all the three players to senior administrator of police three of them and other on Monday morning. The police have now guaranteed security for every one of the players in the competition. 

The tournament will see a number of top-level Indian players taking part in this tournament. Apart from being crowned Asia's best, the top five finishers of this meet will also get spots in the upcoming chess World Cup.

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