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15 Uniforms Of Special Forces Which Are Most Feared

Special Forces are the units of a country's armed forces that undertake covert, counterterrorism and other specialized operations They are capable of carrying out any operations, usually life-threatening operations and missions.


After the treaty of Versailles suffered massive failure, a critical treaty of collective defense, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation was signed at the end of the II World War and many corps of the world formed their own aristocratic team.



The Special Forces of India refer to those units which are under the direct command of the Indian military and specifically organized, trained and are equipped to conduct and support special operations. In 1984, the Indian National Security Guard was founded in the country to prevent terrorist attacks.



China is the second most powerful country in the world and has an elite border protection team. It specializes in rapid-response combat in a limited regional war under high-tech conditions, with commando operations, counter-terrorism, and intelligence gathering.

The building up of China’s special forces represents a shift in the operational thinking, from an army-dominated force structure to integrated joint operations, with a highly flexible elite force.

Chinese army uses the border secured on horseback and wielded swords.

United States

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