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5 countries where buying a house will get you a new passport

A second passport or an elite residency in a foreign country have become the latest must-have accessory these days.

Having a second passport has become more of a status symbol these days. While there are many countries that offer quick residency permits, there are nations that provide citizenship in return for your investments in their local businesses. 


Talking about passports, it should also be noted that currently, Singapore has the world's "most powerful" passport, according to a global ranking topped for the first time by an Asian country with India figuring at 75th position, three notches better than its previous ranking.

While Germany is ranked second, followed by Sweden and South Korea in third place. Paraguay removed visa requirements for Singaporeans, propelling Singapore's passport to the top of Passport Index' most powerful ranking with a visa-free score of 159. 

Historically, the top 10 most powerful passports in the world were mostly European, with Germany having the lead for the past two years. Since early 2017, the number one position was shared with Singapore, which was steadily going up,

But did you know a surprising number of nations provide residency and even citizenship in exchange for a minimum real estate investment. Below we have listed out 5 countries where a property purchase will get you the same. 

1. Belgium

To qualify for Belgium's residency, non-EU nationals need to spend a minimum of $416,000 on property in the country. 

2. Brazil

To qualify for a permanent residency visa in Brazil, you need to spend $160,000. The good news is that you really do not have toinvest in a property as such, the invest could be in anything a local business or an acquisition of an asset on Brazilian land. 

3. Fiji

The nation will require you to invest a minimum of $125,000 in a property to qualify for permanent residency, it will also give you full citizenship, if you happen to stay there for five years or more. 

4. Greece

Greece offers a residency by investment program to non-EU citizens who spends $300,000 or more in a property within the country. 

5. Columbia 

For acquiring a permanent residency in Columbia, one has to make an investment of more than $150,000 in property, or just $23,000 in a Colombian business.


Source: dnaindia

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