7 Countries That Are Not Recognized By The World

These nations have a history not known to many, a rich culture, a clear set of beliefs apart from having a fixed population, a flag, their own set of rules and regulations, and a currency. Some of them can even issue a legit passport. Yet, they aren’t recognised as a separate nation by the United Nations, often considered the final seal of recognition.


Here are some nations that should be recognised as a country, but aren’t.

1. Sealand

An elevated barge right in between the United Kingdom and Europe might look like a disused oil rig but it is actually a country of its own. Yes, you read that right. Presided over by the Bates family, this fortress island is almost 13Km away from the British coastline and is perhaps world’s smallest sovereign entity. Built during World War II, it stood six Kms beyond British marine territory without anyone’s legal claim over it. Not even the UK.

Taking advantage of this loophole, in the year 1966 on Christmas eve, Roy Bates, a former British military serviceman, took his claim over it and named it the sovereign Principality of Sealand. What’s more, in a grand romantic gesture he went on to declare his wife a princess. Ever since, there has been a continuous stand-off between Bates and Sealand’s powerful neighbor till date.

Currently, Roy’s son, Prince Michael Bates is the ruler of Sealand.

2. Christiania

Also known as Freetown Christiania, this country hosts about 850 residents across 34 hectares of land in a small part of Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen. Christiania was temporarily closed by its residents back in April 2011, while they were having a dialogue with the Danish government regarding their future, but is open to everyone now. There have been differences leading to conflicts between its people and the Danish government since its creation back in 1971, but off late, things have become more relaxed. The Danish government has also been more tolerant with Christiana’s cannabis trade which has led to riots, damage to property and even murder in the past. If you ever end up travelling here, make sure you’re not seen clicking pictures. Determined to keep their city away from Danish intervention, they will make sure you don’t see your camera again.

Other than that, the country is pretty liberal. One of the famous places to visit there is the Gay House – a centre for gay activism, parties and theatre. Such is the fame of the gay house that homosexuals from all across Denmark come to Christiania to attend the high-acclaimed shows.

3. Crimea

Covering a comparatively large area of 27,000 square km, Crimea is located on the northern coast of the Black Sea. The only land border it shares is with Ukraine from the North. Crimea has always been a land we hear about in fables. In the past, they have been colonised by the ancient Greeks, the ancient Persians, the Romans, the Byzantine empire, the Goths, the Genoese, even the Ottoman empire. In the recent past, Crimea was annexed by the Russians in 1783 and became a republic as a part of USSR. It was downgraded to Crimean Oblast during the second World War. It got transferred to Ukranian Soviet Socialist Republic and became a part of Ukraine in 1991. If you think you’re having it difficult in life, know this, Crimea got annexed by the Russians again in 2014.

In spite of all the political unrest, Crimea has been a hotspot for tourists since the 90s with Nat Geo naming it in the top 20 destinations to travel to in the world in 2014.

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