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7 places you should never keep your phone

Let's face it, phone obsession is real. We are living in an age where doing anything without our favourite gadget in hand is next to impossible. You wake up and check your phone. Set an alarm on your phone and go to sleep. We might think that phones are making our lives simple, but in reality their constant presence is doing more harm than good.

Something as simple as keeping your phone in your pocket can be quite harmful for your health. If your health means much more to you than your phone, avoid these 7 deadly places to keep them:


Pockets, front or back, come in very handy to keep our phones while we rest. Do you often feel pain in your stomach and legs? This can be one of the consequences of keeping the phone in your pocket. According to doctors, keeping the phone tucked comfortably in the pockets can be the worst thing to do as it is directly exposing the body to various kinds of radiations. Since our phones are always connected to the internet, the risk of cancer also goes high. Also, the radiation has been found to decrease the sperm mobility among men. Keeping them in the back pocket regularly also increases the chances of contacting sciatic pain.

Under your pillow

We all feel keeping our dear phones under the pillow is the most normal and natural thing to do. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Well, placing it under the pillow is very dangerous. Keeping it charged up could cause the phone to heat up. Also, what we tend to ignore is the problem of blue light coming from the screens. Since technology enables our phones to stay lit up always, the blue light emitted from the screen have an adverse effect on melatonin and stops us from getting needed REM sleep, which makes us wake up dizzy. So, it's best to keep your phone far away from the bed and enjoy some hours of sleep gadget free.

Under your shirt/bra

Some people have the habit of sticking their phone inside the shirt or the bra (YES!), especially when they are outside but doing this is an absolute no-no. Phones kept inside the bra, stuck to the chest exposes one to greater risk of breast cancer. Since the phones also vibrate, skin sensitivity is also compromised. Also, keeping them under a sweaty sports bra also allows space for bacteria to grow.

Close to the face

It's impossible to actually take a call and let the phone NOT come in contact with your face. Our phones, kept in the open are exposed to a lot of bacteria which when stick to your skin can cause breakouts, infections and acne problems. Constantly being on the phone has also been linked to problems of ageing early. To limit the damage, use earphones so that the phone doesn't come in direct contact with the skin.

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Source: timesofindia

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