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A Comparison of SMS and Email Marketing

SMS and email are similar modes of communication. There was a time when the use of SMS was more common for marketing purposes, and then it was replaced by email. Today, email marketing offers the best return on investment among all marketing channels. However, SMS marketing has again come back to life, and people prefer it to emails. Here is a comparison of both modes of communication from a marketer’s point of view.

Open Rate


If a person opens the message, it’s the first achievement. It means that even if the person doesn’t become a customer, at least he read the business name and its services. It also provides an opportunity to learn from it. 

Almost 98% of all marketing SMS are opened, whereas only 20% of emails are opened by the recipient. This shows us that mass text messaging is a better approach in this regard. 

Response Rates

There is not one statistic about how many people reply to a marketing email or SMS. The response greatly depends on factors like the interest of the recipient and the quality of the copy. However, we know which medium gets a faster response.

On average, an email gets a reply in 90 minutes, which is one and a half hours. On the other hand, text messages get a reply within 90 seconds. This means you would know within minutes if you lost a potential customer or got one. 


Personalized Communication

Personalized communication makes it easy to connect to the prospect, understand his needs, and convince him about the best solution. It’s usually difficult to start a personalized communication on emails as they take a lot of time to reply. Besides, people don’t know when they should expect a reply. 

A text message has a personal touch to it and it gets a fast reply, which makes communication even easier. People feel like they are talking to a real person on an SMS. 


Both mediums are useful and you should use them both for marketing purposes. However, you shouldn’t ignore mass text messaging. It is unconventional and cheap, but it brings results.

Author: Soumya   

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