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A healthy and active childhood contributes in the long run

Obesity in general and childhood obesity are one of the most serious and public health issues being debated in society today. It is a worldwide debate and its prevalence is gradually increasing as children become less active.

A healthy lifestyle

A healthy life begins in childhood, and that is why it is important that he teaches his children to eat varied and healthy, at the same time as there is room for sweet things every now and then - and in addition, activity is important. It can be difficult to motivate yourself, or your children, to get more out into the fresh air. At Kampan, you can see a large selection of fitness equipment or an active natural playground, which may help you or your children on the right path to a healthier lifestyle outdoors.

It is important to be active at a young age

It is important to get out and move and especially out in the fresh air where the brain gets renewed oxygen. The fresh air helps to contribute to better health both physically and mentally.

For example, children who suffer from overweight and obesity are more likely to suffer from other diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease throughout their lives.

Reasons for obesity

It does not just depend on the diet when it comes to children and obesity. There are many factors that can play a role, and it can be anything from genetics if, for example, the parents are overweight, then the risk for the children also becomes so. It's a lot about the lifestyle and upbringing you come from and are used to, which plays a role in whether your child has a greater chance of becoming overweight. In addition, birth weight can also be a factor. This is where babies weighing more than four kilos at birth can make them more likely to become overweight later in life, according to scientists and researchers.

Likewise, it can also play a role where one is born. For example, in the United States, fast food is very common and an easy choice for many families. In addition, one can also see that those who live outside the cities are more physical than those who live inside urban areas.

All in all, it is important to start with a healthy childhood, where the focus is on health, exercise, good food, and how to vary living life - also with sweet things.

Author: Amalie Etienne   

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