Benefits Of Owning A Dog

1. You’ll be more active

Owning a dog can push you to exercise on a daily basis. Going for a stroll with your dog for 30 minutes a day can improve your health tremendously.


2. They reduce stress

Studies have shown that dogs decrease stress levels. Petting, playing or simply watching your dog go about his business can reduce your stress each day.

3. May improve social life

You are likely to improve your social life by meeting more dog owners at a local dog park or at a vat clinic. People on the road are more likely to talk to you when they see you walking a dog.

4. Dogs can detect cancer

A dog has a very powerful sense of smell and they can detect cancer. Dog owners have spoken of instances where their dogs sniff them in parts of their body that turned out to be cancerous on examination.

5. Children will be have better immunity against allergies

Children who are brought up around dogs can develop immunities against various allergies at a very young age and this benefits them as they grow older.

6. Improves your heart

Petting a dog lowers a person’s heart rate and it is proven to reduce stress. A dog owner usually has a healthier heart due to the active lives they lead to give the necessary exercise for their dogs.

7. Fights depression

Having a dog improves mental health and can help fight depression. Taking care of a dog help reduce symptoms of depression and make you feel happier on a daily basis.

Author: Tanya Michael   

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