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Bitcoins and other cryptocurrency effects on Economic stability | Ankur Agarwal

Ankur Agarwal is a famous name in the world of cryptocurrency investments. He is an expert when it comes to ICO's and considered as an authority for his Email Marketing erudition. Today we discuss an important issue related to the stability of economic fronts by the influence of cryptocurrencies.

Nowadays the internet is on fire to talk about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. It looks like for all purposes to be among the most significant trend in the contemporary era. When it comes to bitcoins or cryptocurrency, from social media to news broadcast and Government legislation, it is not easy to go for a single day without cryptocurrency in the news. The buzz on this topic is being polarized with the sentiment of various multi-faceted that is cryptocurrency.  Blockchain technology is the core technology behind cryptocurrency is defined as an essential part of the global business process.

Although, there is a lot more attention is being paid to cryptocurrencies than to blockchain technology. Some entrepreneurs have joined the cause to build ICO campaigns and selling tokens to the public and raising dollars. The focus of this article is to evaluate the effect that bitcoins or cryptocurrencies are  on Economic stability.

Is cryptocurrency helping the Global economy?

Bitcoin is a hundred times better than the currency in that you don’t have to be physically in the similar place and in fact for the big transaction, currency can get good awkward. The appearance of other players in the crypto sphere is such as the lite coin, Ethereum, ripple, and dash.  Such digital currencies have defined the concept of cryptocurrencies.


The cryptocurrencies and related terms alt coins, tokens, ICOs can be seen creating waves across media channels and news broadcasters in the world.

Cryptocurrency introduction into Economy –

It is said that the bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be launched in the market. Although contrary to belief, bitcoin was not the first challenge for creating a digital currency. The introduction of bitcoin may be back to 2008 when a programmer was using the pseudonym published paper in which he explained the basic concept of crypto-coins and the opening of the bitcoin network.  


These are broadened into three economic factors –

1.   An unbalanced industrial era – Strict recession in many countries from 2008 to 2011 contributed to reducing in the U.S. customer confidence level that reached a historic low as well as an increase in unemployment rates.

2.  Classy fees on money transfer – Money transfer fees abroad were high with an average of 9.7% for sending 200 U.S. dollars in 2008.

3.  The creation of a computing device – There was a creation of a computing device in which more than 90% of the household in the U.S. had some type of PC, and half had multiple by 2011. As of 2013, 56% of U.S. adults usually had smartphones.

By the end of 2014 that is measured by many to be the breakthrough year of bitcoin, some other cryptocurrencies started to appear. Bitcoins have reached $5.6 billion followed by peer coin, lite coin, and Dogecoin. Majority of cryptocurrencies began to appear and share the same core software and technology.  
The current economic stability for cryptocurrency implementation remains in the balance, with the financial sector depending and dividing on the topic. Cryptocurrency and their technology called blockchain; have been grown in the recent few years both in the term of adjustment and power.

Here we explain how cryptocurrency effects on economically –

1. Replacing the dollar – The global economy is fueled by U.S. dollars. The power of the United States in political affairs and the global economy has given to this finely. The financial transaction has started being decentralized on a colossal scale, without the option to the tradition dollars. This creates a sound effect where the dynamics of international trade is changed. This is said to be one of the most happening things that Crypto Currency can do to this world!


2. Avoiding the middleman – The traditional middleman has featured in the transaction for authorizing and authentication processing. Although, the environment has started to change the full introduction of cryptocurrencies and their protocols. Transaction fees were also minimal, as low as a couple of cents in some cases was. On the other hand, the other factor is anonymity and security that cryptocurrency brings with them as same as the quick transaction speed.  This will help in running a smooth transaction and in a good experience overall.

3. Crowdfunding – No severe topic of discussion consisting of cryptocurrencies may be complete without mentioning crowdfunding. Starting coin has become the increasing crowdfunding method for many cryptocurrencies or technology.

That's it from us on the part of top things happening in and around of Cryptocurrencies, and we have also talked a little bit of history about the whole concept.

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