Braidy Industries Launches Common Stock Offering

Braidy Industries, Inc. (“Braidy”) announced today that it has commenced a common stock offering to raise up to $400 million. The offering is primarily directed at institutional investors, but a portion of the offering has been reserved for Main Street investors under the SEC's CF rules adopted under the JOBS Act. In connection with the offering, Braidy will launch its investor “road show” for “accredited” investors on September 25th in New York. 

The offering provides interested parties the opportunity to purchase Braidy Industries’ common stock for $18 per share. Braidy is offering $1,070,000 in common stock, the maximum allowed under a Regulation CF offering, and $400,000,000 in common stock in its parallel Rule 506(c) offering available to accredited investors only. The offering is expected to be held open for a six-week period. To read about the Braidy opportunity and purchase its common stock, visit the website of Netcapital’s crowdfunding portal at 

Equity investments in private placements are speculative and involve a high degree of risk, and those investors who cannot afford to lose their investment should not invest. Investors should not make any investment decision without carefully reviewing the materials on Netcapital’s website. 

Source: aetoswire

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