Coming soon: Facebook Messenger to introduce new 'delete' feature

Facebook's Messenger app will soon allow users to delete mistaken messages within 10 minutes, similar to WhatsApp. 

On the Apple app store, the Messenger app says the feature would be coming soon, though no exact date was given. 


“Remove a message from a chat thread after it's been sent. If you accidentally send the wrong photo, incorrect information or message the wrong thread, you can easily correct it by removing the message within ten minutes of sending it,” says the notice. 

However, there was no indication that the feature would be rolled out soon on Android devices. 

Currently, the Secret Conversations feature allows users to send messages that self delete after a set amount of time.  

Facebook also announced in April that it would be introducing a message deleting feature, after the company was caught deleting messages by its CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Source: thestar

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