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CosmeSurge Recruit ‘Ladies of London’ Caroline Stanbury as Their New Brand Ambassador

Dubai’s A-list Celebrity Gala is organised to raise funds supporting women’s education in Haiti’s poorest regions

CosmeSurge has appointed self-made Londoner Caroline Stanbury, as their ambassador. CosmeSurge, who support charitable causes noted the philanthropic efforts of the media tycoon, who will be co-hosting BOVET 1822’s charitable gala in Dubai this month. The natural competitive drive toward luxury and excellence, paired with a flair for giving back, brought CosmeSurge & Mrs. Stanbury together, in a dynamic relationship.


Caroline; 42, is a predominant figure in the world of fashion and design, renowned as a socialite, entrepreneur and media personality. She has been best recognised for her role in ‘Ladies of London’ as the dominant and astute alpha female of the cast. Caroline has used her popularity for altruistic pursuits which include a fundraising dinner-event at the opulent Grand Millennium Hotel, Business Bay, Dubai, which will be held on the 7th of December this year. Sponsored by BOVET 1822, APJ’s ‘Brilliant is Beautiful’ event, will see Mrs. Stanbury standing alongside A-list figures including comic actor Ben Stiller, Academy Award winning actress Susan Sarandon, and the Duchess of York; Sarah Ferguson. Each star is an activist in their own right, and 2018’s edition of APJ will be Caroline’s third appearance at the former London-based gala. Brilliant is Beautiful seeks to alleviate global poverty, focusing on providing the women in Haiti’s poorest communities with access to adequate training and education, geared toward creative industries. 

Feeling she has accomplished everything she has wanted in London, Caroline spoke about being endorsed by CosmeSurge. ‘Taking care of your body is a form of self- care and love, when you take care and feel good about yourself it reflects in all aspects of your life. Cosmetic surgery has been life-changing for countless people, and the UAE has been exceptionally forward thinking toward personal enhancement. CosmeSurge stand at the top of their field, changing the way people view aesthetic treatments, so I’m excited to be an ambassador for a recognised brand backed by an elite team of medical professionals. We are helping people be the best versions of themselves. I promote comfort and confidence and that all starts with how we look and feel in our own skins’, noted Caroline. 

Her following and reputation have made a strong pairing for CosmeSurge, who recruited Mrs. Stanbury to aid them in becoming the internationally preferred centre of aesthetic care. In addition to the over 100 doctors, surgeons, aestheticians and on call medical staff currently employed, Caroline will be bringing reputable American doctors to the UAE who will join the brand. CosmeSurge offers comprehensive, bespoke treatments including surgical and non-surgical enhancements ranging from augmentation to laser therapy to name but a few. All staff have access to the best medical equipment available in the world of cosmetic surgery, and considerable acumen in their respective fields. The level of care, variety of procedures, and professional consulting from experienced doctors make CosmeSurge the exemplary choice for all cosmetic surgeries and treatments.

Author: aetoswire    Source: aetoswire

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