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Five Family Comedy Shows Which you can Stream Right Now on Netflix & Amazon Prime

Not all shows on Prime and Netflix we can watch with our family during this lockdown period. Here are few recommended comedy shows which can be watched with family in the meantime

Jane the Virgin

If you want to spend time with a truly modern and model American family, look no further than Jane the Virgin's central trio of women and the love they spread everywhere. The Villanuevas are a family, but that word extends to include Jane's husband, her unplanned child by artificial insemination, the baby's father, and the baby's father's ex wife. It includes grandmother Alba's beau Jorge and Jane's estranged father, international telenovela star Rogelio de la Vega. And if you watch even one episode of the show, it includes you as you embark on a wild, wonderful ride with these unique characters. Find it on Netflix.

One Day at a Time

With its laugh track and multicam setup, plus the fact that it's literally a reboot of a 45-year-old show, One Day at a Time feels in some ways like a throwback. But the familiar format feels comforting, not stale, and the premise — three generations of a Cuban-American working-class family live together in LA's rapidly gentrifying Echo Park neighborhood — couldn't feel more modern. Combining big laughs, deep emotion, and Rita Frickin' Moreno, One Day at a Time is a balm for the soul. Find it on Netflix.

Survivor's Remorse

Don't let the grim title fool you: Survivor's Remorse is a breezy watch for grownups, chronicling the ups and downs of a hot young basketball star and his lovable extended family. (Think Entourage but less annoying, and with even less basketball than Entourage had acting.) Even when it delves into weightier topics like class, colorism, and abuse, it never loses its cheeky sense of humor, or its warm, affectionate vibe. — A.H. Find it on Amazon Prime

Kim's Convenience

Much like fellow Canadian darling, Schitt's Creek, Kim's Convenience operates in a small world with a family of four as they try to live their lives without driving each other crazy. Janet just wants to get through art school without her parents completely snapping, but she's careful after their estrangement from her brother Jung. The convenieRance store ties the story together, brings some ... eclectic characters into their lives, and operates like any sitcom living room — it's an entry point into the inner lives of this family. Find it on Netflix.

Brown Nation

A married couple is a family unit unto itself, as evidenced by Hasmukh and Dimple on this hidden Netflix gem. Their lives are full enough with Dimple's burgeoning acting career, Hasmukh's startup, and the looming presence of Dimple's father over every move they make. There isn't even a forced Bollywood number (though there is a truly fabulous rap video). Find it on Netflix.

Source: Mashable

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