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How Can Beginners Learn Greek Language Basics using online Material?

Language is the tool that allows people to interact with each other and become a social being that becomes the base of the entire civilization. Currently, the languages constitute one of the bases of each culture, even with some shared ones among a few countries. Even those that have some variations, accents, and neologisms that belong to the population of a specific nation. Even so, with the current globalization sharing of material and human resources among countries, learning foreign languages becomes an attractive skill that highly the qualities of an individual when seeking a new job or promotion.

Including other languages in your resume can put you in a higher position than your competitors, depending on the job you are applying for, and also is one of those things that the more the better. Of course, you should be clear in that you need to know at least the Language Basics to consider including it truthfully in your resume, another way, you are seeking trouble. Those that have learned multiple languages are considered cultured and intellectual people, with great social skills that could be employed in foreign relations in the case of large companies. Even just working as a translator can open many opportunities.

There are many options to choose to learn languages, from English and Spanish to Russian, Mandarin, and of course, Greek. With so many options you have to choose well because each one has its one difficulty to learn and requires time. On the other side, currently, time is one of the things that many people have the most right now, and once making the selection what remains is where to begin and from where to seek guidance. With the times as there are right now, the best solution is to search alternatives on the internet and Learn Greek Language Basics using online Material.

Where do you start?

  1. Learn the alphabet and how the syllables sound: To begin to Learn to Speak Greek Online you need to first begin by looking for the alphabet, not how each letter is named, but how they form syllables, how are pronounced, and how they sound. That way you can start incorporating the foundation to later compound entire words and sentences. The most common reading for this step is the book Greek Now 1+1 that can be found online, but be aware that it only applies to the first pages, later is cataloged as outdated.

You could also search for videos on YouTube to Learn to Speak Greek Online and start to familiarize yourself with the pronunciation, starting from one to three syllables words and upon reaching more skill, seeking longer ones to learn. Also, take notice that the alphabet is similar to Latin. Besides, it has some patterns on its words that are similar to the ones in the Spanish Language. Like a consonant followed by a vowel, then a consonant, and finally a vowel again, among others.

  1. Afterward, you can proceed to Learn Greek Writing, here having dominated the alphabet and syllables prove to be an excellent choice. Start with seeking a video about Greek Alphabet Handwritten, there would be useful choices. If you dominate step 1, this one will be easier; starting from writing your name, and familiar things like your address, your favorite places, and favorite food. Do not worry about making spelling errors, it is normal, and similar to the former step, start from short words to longer ones the more you gain skill.

Doing this, before you notice, your vocabulary will grow surpassing the tens of words. Besides, learning and dominating the alphabet makes it easier to search in the dictionary and to know how to pronounce every word; without mentioning that writing helps engrave the words to memory.

  1. Next, to Learn to Speak Greek Online is to get used to how it is typing. It will help you when searching on the internet web pages and materials completely in Greek, this will open many different opportunities to learn, like searching for songs, videos, movies, literally anything in Greek. Will both help you practice how to write and also to listen to other peoples accent and get used to it. To accomplish this step, the best way is to directly install a Greek keyboard to your computer, even in your cellphone, and any device you like to use.

  2. Finally, you just need some practice, putting to work everything that you have work until this moment to begin to build your lexicon from the most common ways of every day expressing to those with more structure and complexity. Taking advantage of knowing how to type, you could start searching for an example of dialogues to Learn to Speak Greek Online and how is a common conversation. On the other side, you could as well search for learning coursebooks thanks to your skills at typing in Greek from the previous step.

You could seek videos or audios about short conversations, like introductions of oneself, how to order food in a restaurant or cafeteria, anything. Eventually, you will get better at it and expand more and more your lexicon and conversational skills, you could even record yourself to hear how are you doing. Also, a very fun way to Learn to Speak Greek Online once you have reached this point is to try to sing along Greek songs and compare your pronunciation with the singer, it will be an excellent exercise to your new skills.

Final Words

Reaching this point, you can consider having learned the Greek Language Basics, what is left is to practice with real people and get more used to it the more you use it. Eventually, you will get more fluent when speaking and dominated it at a conversational level. Lastly, you will be ready to look for more challenges like the technical language in Greek of a specific profession, and the only thing you needed to start was having a good internet connection.

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