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How Digital Transformation Drive Has Increased Online Shopping in the Country

As Middle East is on the verge to become one of the biggest E-commerce markets in the entire MENA nations, the region is not shying away to show off its intense digital transformation drive, which will bolster the outlook of E-commerce and consequently, online shopping in the region.

The National Digitization Plans of Middle Eastern countries look quit promising, and seeing what the authorities have already accomplished, digital activities are only expected to amplify furtMiddatar’s digital economy is gearing up to produce and execute a pool of countless possibilities to businesses and consumers alike, trying to make online shopping the main medium in the region.

Digital Strategies Increasing Possibilities

The region is planning to become an innovative-hub, leveraged by technology, producing world-leading and exemplary ideologies that will change the shape of the future, in terms of digital marketing. It plans on providing the best possible digital experiences to its local economy. The driving force behind this agenda is the widespread use of engaging and convenient digital technologies like digital payments. Serving as a Hun for innovative technologies, the region will make the way forward to provide realistic and intuitive opportunities for consumers in the country to get more and more comfortable with online shopping and E-commerce transactions or activities.

It is truly taking advantage of the significant increase of smartphone penetration, by promoting contactless sending, and setting up more digital payment channels, in the of the country’s robust nationalized Digitization drive. The residents and shoppers of Middle East now prefer the use of digital payments, as opposed to cash-based transactions. Digital marketing is the first step towards online shopping, and when digital marketing is promoted, more local and foreign brands shift towards E-commerce, and hence, the entire process increases online shopping activities in the region. This country is no different in this regard. This initiative and progressive strategy not only helped increase online shopping across the region, but also ensured the citizens to stay ahead and the active brands to prosper like Joi Gifts coupon code, Namshi etc, and take full advantage of current and future digital activities and benefits. This also attracted and welcomed major brands like Mumzworld, 6th Street, Victoria’s Secret, Mango and more…

Companies Extending Their Efforts

The region’s digital transformation drive to increase E-commerce activities and online shopping wouldn’t be possible without the help and assistance of companies. Most of the government’s main flagship digital initiatives were backed and supported by the country’s telecom operators, banks, financial technology providers, and brands that are helping the government to support the growth of digital economy and make the online medium, the main medium.

For instance, financial technology payment providers have helped consumers and shoppers in the region to transact and pay for products with ease, at almost every online store, without the hassle of waiting in queues and lines. Cashless and contactless transactions are now mainstream. The acceptance of mobile shopping, mobile wallets, cash-less transactions, and fintech innovations have resulted in significant increase in online shopping in the region, and as opportunities continue to grow, consumers are becoming more confident with online mediums.

Rounding Up the Discussion

Its economy and more specifically, its digital economy is a large ecosystem, surrounded by a plethora of unique and innovative opportunities, characterized by strategic alliances and partnerships with private companies like MasterCard, along with the Government’s consistent and innovative efforts to reshape its digital economy by nationalizing digital transformation drive in the country, to improve E-commerce activities, online shopping, and adaption of technology amongst the citizens or consumers of the country.

Today, the region ranks at the 7th position when it comes to E-commerce market growth in the entire Middle-East and North America (MENA), with a projected growth of $3.2b by 2023. It is turning out to become the most innovative hub for digital services, and is planning to retain its position in the years to come. Consumer have become habitual of online shopping and digital services and its quite hard to revert back to pre-Covid scenario. Time will tell what the region’s Digital Transformation drive will truly achieve, which will be quite promising.

Author: Mohammed Hamid   

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