How to Avail 100% Scholarship at the University of Alabama?

The University of Alabama provides scholarships to both, domestic as well as international students. It is home to more than 3000 undergraduate students. It currently has a student to faculty ratio of 21:1. It is a dream for many students to study at the University of Alabama. However, due to the fee structure, it becomes a constraint for many students to apply for this university. That is why many students look for scholarships to study in the program. 

The university offers a variety of scholarships, and one of them also includes a 100% scholarship. In this, you can avail the full scholarship as well as other benefits like stipend that is given to the students. 

Scholarships in the University of Alabama

There are specific requirements that you have to meet to qualify for scholarships at the University of Alabama. In UG programs, the scholarships are awarded based on student’s SAT/ACT scores and GPA scores. These scores will automatically guarantee you the scholarships. These scholarships are available for international as well as domestic students. 

In 2018, the University changed it is a policy for the scholarship. Under the presidential, it offers a scholarship of almost full to the students. It also added another category called presidential elite under which you can avail the full scholarship. 

Presidential Elite Scholarship

Students who have achieved a score of 36 in ACT or 1600 in SAT or 4 GPA will automatically be eligible for a full tuition waiver on their fees. This full-tuition scholarship for the students will be given for all the four years.

Furthermore, this scholarship includes one year of room, $2000 for a summer research program or international study, a stipend of $1000 for four years every year, and $500 book allowance for all the years. 

Presidential Scholarship

This is not 100% full scholarship, but it is almost close to the tuition fees of the University. For this scholarship, students need to score 33 in ACT or 1490 in SAT and have a GPA of 3.5. If they meet these criteria, then they will be automatically eligible for the scholarship. 


Foundation in Excellence

This scholarship will not give you a 100% scholarship, but you can get close to 50% of your tuition fee waived off using this scholarship. A minimum of 3.5 GPA, SAT score of 1330 -1350 and an ACT score of 29 is needed to avail this scholarship. The tuition fee waived off in this course will be $15,000. 

Collegiate Scholarship

This scholarship is also available for international students. In this scholarship, the eligibility criteria are 3.5 GPA for a student. This also includes a minimum SAT score of 1320 and an ACT score of 28. The tuition fee waived off for international students is $8000.

Capstone Scholarship

The minimum criterion to avail this scholarship are of 1290 SAT score and 27 ACT score. Through this scholarship, a student can get $6000 annually waived off. 

There are also other scholarships like academic elite scholarships and transfer student scholarships which is available for international students. The details for these scholarships can be found out on the official website of the University. 

How to Apply for this Scholarship?

There are specific guidelines for the application of scholarships at the University of Alabama. For example, to be eligible for any scholarships in this university, you need to have a valid SAT or ACT score. Like mentioned above, the student having more than 33 ACT score or 1490 in SAT will receive a tuition waiver of $25000. This is almost close to the full fees of the University.

If you have obtained a valid SAT or ACT score, then you can submit an online application that is specific to the university. For international students, there is a step by step guideline to be followed. It includes, 

Reviewing the requirements of your home country. The educational systems across the world are different. Thus, there should be a review of all the education-related qualifications. These include secondary school grades, certifications, and degrees which are required for the admission of your home country. 

When you are ready to apply for the university, you need to complete the application through your UA future portal. For this, you can also apply through common and coalition applications. When you have applied on their website, check your email box for all the information related to your application. You can also track your application process here. 

Once your application process is done, you need to submit your transcript. You are not required to send you official documents at this time. You can just upload the transcripts through your application form. These official transcripts that are submitting will be required before you enrol in the University. 

For college or university related transcripts, you do not need to submit any document at this moment. You will be asked to submit these documents during the time of enrollment. 

For countries that do not have English as their primary language or who have attended school in a non-English speaking country, need to have proof of their proficiency in English. So this is how you can apply for the scholarships at the University of Alabama.  

Author: Tanmay Luniya   

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