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Hytera Released Mission Critical Applications Over Operator’s Broadband Network White Paper

Hytera, a global leading provider of professional and private wireless communication equipment and solutions, is announcing the release of a white paper titled “Mission Critical Applications Over Operator’s Broadband Network” today.


Hytera has been a trusted partner with Private Mobile Radio (PMR) operators globally in the public safety, public utilities, transportation, energy and commercial industries for more than 20 years. With rich industry experience, deep understanding of end-user requirements and a forward-looking vision for the development of the communication industry, Hytera launched this white paper to provide customers with foresighted guidance.

The white paper discusses the development of communication technologies and the need for broadband technologies to support and enhance daily operations and emergency response to mission-critical and business-critical end-users.

The white paper carries the discussion further by providing recommendations and analysis of different deployment models for mission critical services over a broadband network and encouraging MNOs to collaborate with public safety agencies and business owners, with Hytera providing their technical expertise and vast experience.

Hytera, armed with unique insight on industry development trends, plays a leading role in the communication industry. Hytera will, as always, be committed to fulfilling the needs of customers in different industries with independent research and technological innovation.

Source: AETOSWire

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