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Some Main Reasons Why Marriages Fail

Marriage has never been easy. It does not just revolve on love, but also of partnership and commitment. Sadly, when trials start to arrive during the marriage, there are couples who wither and so does the marriage. In such a sensitive time, you need to be with someone who can be able to represent you with your best interest. There is a family law attorney in Charlotte, NC who can help you get through a very difficult time with your best interest at heart. There is about 50% percent of the married couple who end up getting divorced. The cost of divorce is also not getting any cheaper. The legal costs in divorce settlements take into consideration if it is an uncontested or contested divorce. It can even cost more if the marriage does not have a prenuptial agreement. 

Nonetheless, below are some of the main reasons why the marriage ends up in shambles instead of a happy ever after:

• Issues with Finances

One of the main reason always why divorce happens is the issue with money. Financial issues are categorized from lack of sustainable funds up to the financial incompatibility of the couple. For the issue of financial incompatibility, this usually stems when either of the husband or wife has more than enough money, he or she might not share the same spending personality than the other. So, the other might be more inclined to spending on short-term financial needs, like splurging on luxury, while the other might be more inclined towards a long-term family goal like buying a house and lot.

When a couple is having this type of disagreements, simple bickering might tend to end up into intense arguments. This, however, can be resolved by having compromises in taking into account the needs and wants of each other so that the couple can both come up with a more harmonious financial plan.

• Getting married for the wrong reasons

Sometimes when a person is too swept off his or her feet, chances are they tend to decide on getting married without having to contemplate what the future can bring. Although, not all, there has been a lot of couples who get separated especially when sometime in the marriage they will come to realize that they have been married to the wrong person. Others also have a more selfish motive like professional advancement or professional stability. It can work, or it can’t. But is has been shown that when marriages do not a strong foundation of love, then it can be bound to fail. The reason is that there will be a point where disappointments will set in and fights will be getting more often. So, before you tie the knot, make sure that you are really ready for all that marriage is going to give.


• Partner’s Infidelity

The issue on infidelity has never been gone. There is still a high percentage of a married couple to admit to cheating. There are a number of reasons why people start to cheat and one of those are due to lack of intimacy and the lack of physical contact between both of them. Some say that the sparkle had just died and it can no longer sustain the marriage. There are cases where one of the partners will try to stick or that both of them will work on their issues. But for most, this leads to divorce.

• Lack of Common Vision

By the time couples get married, they will become one family. So with that, the couple should be sharing the same vision because if not, it might be difficult for them to be staying in the marriage. Thus, it is essential that both of them must lay out first his or her plans and expectations during the marriage and as to the future of their family. Issues like how many kids would each want to have, or as to the financial growth of the family. If couples do not see eye to eye and they will not do anything to address what each other wants, then the marriage might be at risk, because how can it work if both of the couples are wanting two different things. So, it is really essential to talk this through with your partner and if both of you really are committed to being together then you can come up with concessions to make both of your plans work.

• Intimacy issues

When one of the partners cheat, they often say that they are no longer sexually satisfied with their partner, or that they can no longer feel that they are being loved. This ends up on such a partner to find that intimacy to someone else. So when the marriage is on the verge of falling apart because of this issue, it will then depend on both of the couples if they still want the marriage to survive or not. There are marriage counselors who offer professional help for couples who seek to repair their marriage which can help in resolving this kind of issue.

• Couples sometimes end up growing apart

During the early days of the relationship, there are a lot of things that a couple tends to do a lot of things together. Be it traveling to many places, or dinners, or movie marathons. This is when the couple is almost inseparable, and if they are, they alternatively spend so much time talking or chatting on the phone. 

When a marriage starts to kick in, there will be the tendency that the communication might not be like how it was when the relationship was just starting out. Thus making some couples to grow apart because there is no longer that enthusiasm from either one or both of them. Should the couple decide to work on this issue, then they might talk about getting a vacation or spending some time with just the two of them.

Getting divorced is really difficult. No matter how easy it may seem to look at these days, given that celebrities are almost normalizing divorce, this is still something that couples might want to give so much consideration especially on the impact that it might have on their children.

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