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The Benefits Of Using Essential Oil Diffuser At Home

In the 17th-century Paris was already famous for a variety of things and most prized of all were the perfumes. The reason for the abundance of all the wonderful little bottles of fragrance was for an altogether more sinister reason. Paris was filled with a vast variety of industry and the lack of infrastructure we are used to nowadays meant that sewage and waste didn’t go very far from where it was produced. The resulting stench left the upper classes sniffing perfumes through handkerchiefs to make the air more pleasant to breathe. In modern days we have learned the ways of healthier living and every day we find new ways -some small, some life saving- to make our homes a safer place for us and our families. An essential oil diffuser is one of these inventions.

Varieties Of Diffusers Available

Essential Oil diffusers are specifically designed for use with essential oils to disperse the oils into the air to be inhaled and absorbed by the body. The four basic types of diffusers available around the world include; an Ultrasonic Diffuser uses ultrasonic sound waves to separate the essential oils into microparticles and in a steam vapor the oils are released into the air, a Heat Essential Oil diffusers include the traditional candle diffusers and is quite simply a tray dispenser near a gentle heat source which evaporates the oil into the air, Nebulizers are known for releasing the purest form of the essential oils by atomizing the particles into the air, and then the simplest of devices would be the Evaporative diffusers with a pad or wick to suspend the oil while a small fan blows air with the evaporated oils into the air.


What Are The Health Benefits

The variety of essential oils on the market has grown extensively since the seventeenth century and adding to all the years of experience collected by the perfumers of the world, we now have medical science to help us uncover the, once magical, properties of the plants and minerals that contain the wonderful fragrances we have come to love and cherish. Benefits such as nasal decongestant which Eucalyptus oil provides or the air sanitizing qualities of Tea Tree oil. The list of health benefits of essential oils is extensive and is sure to grow as we learn more about the hidden health benefits of the world around us.

Why You Want One At Home

While we might not struggle with the smells of 17th-century city life, we do have an everyday battle for the pleasantly fresh air of a different kind. The therapeutic properties of essential oils are not new to us and aromatherapy is something we can all draw great benefits from, whether just to relax after a long day at work or to ease those aching muscles after a serious workout. And while air humidifiers are a real and, in dry climates, a very necessary and wonderful invention, Essential Oil diffusers -depending on the model you’ve chosen- have the great bonus of being humidifiers too, saving you the cost of buying both.


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