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This Is How The Crown Prince Of Dubai Spends His Billions

The Crown Prince of Dubai or "Fazza" from the Royal Family is one of the worlds few billionaires and his story will amaze you! When you think of Dubai, you probably think of luxury shopping, expensive cars, and people with lots of money. But did you know that this city of the United Arab Emirates has its very own royal family? 

In fact, the UAE is a federation made up of seven emirates that are each ruled by an absolute monarch. When it comes to Dubai, the Al Maktoum family has been ruling the area since 1833 and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is in charge. His son, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, was appointed the Crown Prince of Dubai back in 2008, which means he's next in line to be the ruler. 

While the Al Maktoum family might not be as popular internationally as the British royals are, Sheikh Hamdan is a royal that truly deserves the publicity. Though he's the son of a billionaire, the Crown Prince of Dubai strives to be humble and to not let money rule his life. Besides helping to rule Dubai, his favorite things to do are travel, take part in extreme sports, go horseback riding, and write poetry. He actually writes poetry under the pen name "Fazza," which means a person who speeds to the help and support of others in the Emirati dialect. 


If you want to find out how Sheikh Hamdan spends his family's billions, you need to watch this video. Not only has he traveled around the world extensively — which you can see for yourself on his Instagram page — he is also a very generous man. When one fellow Emirati pleaded for financial aid with his cancer treatments on social media, the Crown Prince offered to pay the entire $800,000 bill. 

See what we mean? Other billionaires can sure learn a thing or two from this heir to the Dubai throne. 

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