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Top 10 racing games for pc

Picking the right PC game is a huge task. Especially racing games have their own vibes and people select them according to their needs and flavors. The genre’s high-quality graphics and hair-raising sound are not the only factors to choose the right PC racing game although they count on the major factors, it is actually a game with the feeling that counts the most. A feeling of actually you in the driver seat and experience the high speeds of over 240 kmph as in Asphalt game series. Today we bring you the top 10 racing games meant for PCs to enjoy the thrill of cars and the motorsport experience on your PC.

Forza Horizon 4

This game developed by Playground Games is a racing tale across the British Isles. The Forza Horizon 4 has incredible features and it takes time to be a pro at this racing game. You will need to adapt the changing driving situation with special effects on changing seasons from Summer, spring, autumn, and winter. Each season has special road characteristics and variables, for example, you can feel the wet leaves or the icy roads which will have an impact on your driving experience in this game. There is a plethora of cars available for you to try from modified vans to hyper-cars. You have the speed ticket to test them and perform stunts as well. The collection also includes the James Bond series which have the Bond’s, Aston Martins. You can use green man gaming coupons to avail amazing deals. You can have a memorable road trip in this game as you measure the Scottish highlands and British villages along with the coast around the Lake District.

Dirt Rally

The Dirt rally, developed by the Codemasters has been the best so far from the team and has successfully surpassed its predecessors. The handling of the game is now more authentic and the arcade touches that continue to persist in the core series. It can be exclaimed as a proper rally game which has not been seen for a long time. In this game, the races are set on a dirt track with a lot of slidey sideways. The tracks are designed to give you a feel of real Endurance Test. The game involves driving skills, a good strategy and resource management skills to ace the challenges.

Shift 2

The developer team of the Shift 2 has a unique approach to deliver the best experience of a race car on a race track which is very similar to real races. The attention to detail is phenomenal which makes you dig more into the game. The game is more focused on driving experience, it has super effects. For example when there is a slight turn ahead the driver’s view shifts slightly to the left as we do in real life. When there is a steep corner the head swings more giving you the real experience of driving. The game also uses a feature called the depth of field which directs you to focus on necessary things like a distant car approaching fast or vehicles around you in foggy traffic. You can use greenmangaming coupons to bag awesome deals.

Driver: San Francisco

This racing game for PC is as cool as it can be. The game approaches every bit in the 70’s style which makes it extra cool. The game simply loves American muscle and all the cars with a roaring sound come in its top list. Driver: SF can be said as the single greatest soundtrack of any racing game ever. It is loaded with a variety of events. The game is more on the original side of driving rather than flaunting of the driving experience which is a sort of fantasy. The game is made educational on purpose. You can learn a lot about cars from this game.


The apex of simulation racing is here. Iracing is the one to catch on if you want to simulate an F1 car. The concept is at the medial of play and work. This game is made for one who is serious about the real thing and are willing to spend countless hours to learn it. Though all this experience come with a price of $50 for a year. This is the game to launch when you are outgrown from games by Codemasters. The graphics are not so emphasizing and the game is targeted to a certain group of gamers.

Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa is a game which is more biased towards on the handling side rather than on the racing side. The built-up of the game has a well-made handling model and feels like you are driving a real car on a real track. The experience is very thrilling from you speeding the tracks to handling sharp corners and struggling to get back on track after being knocked out. All these small aspects make your overall experience memorable and make you bound to improve your driving skills. This game looks like a success.

Race: Injection

You cannot forget the simulation games without mentioning this one by SimBin. These games are not that easy to conquer. There are a plethora of cars to choose from. There are muscle cars, open-wheeled racer cars like the F1 type and also endurance cars to take care of all the stunts and stressful drives. The flat lighting and dull graphics should not be judged in Race: Injection. It has got something which you will not experience in many racing games. A few races with a strong car and you will forget its graphics dullness and other downsides.

One of the best racing games for PC is not completed without the mention of the F1. Yes, the F1 2016 and other successors now have always made the noise in the gaming industry. After spending countless hours and a heck of dedication you can achieve mastery in driving Open-wheeled formula type car. Try using greenmangaming coupons to get the best deals in the gaming market. Let’s go faster, now!

Author: Tanmay Luniya    

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