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Top 10 Strangest Phenomena in the Sky Caught On Camera

These Strangest Phenomena in the Sky Caught On Camera! Blood red sky video - Have you ever heard the expression "Red sky at night, shepherd's delight? Red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning"? Well, it's not very helpful in this case, because it says nothing about what to do if it lasts all day.  Wavy cloud video - With weather reports and storm warnings being so accurate nowadays, it sometimes seems like we've learned all there is to learn about clouds. Sun Pillars & Red sprites - So the reason this next video is so interesting is that it almost looks like something that could happen in real life, but it pushes things just a bit too far to be believable.

Black ring in sky - So I know many people are quick to yell aliens when seeing something in the sky they don't understand, but honestly, in this case, I can't blame them. Searchlight  in sky  - Next time you see a video on the internet that people are claiming is aliens, check and see if it's actually a missile, because you'd be surprised how often those two things get mixed up. Yellow light in the sky - We've either been able to explain or debunk completely most of the phenomena so far, but even experts seem to be stumped by this one. Ball lightning - Ball lightning is one of the most interesting phenomena out there, because even though it's been observed and recreated by scientists, we still don't know how it happens naturally. 

Fata Morgana  - If you've ever heard the story of The Flying Dutchman, then you're probably more familiar with this next phenomenon than you might think. Fire Rainbows  - Don't be fooled: this next phenomenon might be called a fire rainbow, but it has nothing to do with either rainbows or fire. Ring clouds in Jerusalem  - So if this was real, then it would seriously be the coolest thing in this whole list, since it looks just like the Gargantua black hole from Interstellar.

Source: youtube

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