Two Ecommerce Starter Websites For Sale With Profits On ExchangeMarketplace!

On the Shopify ExchangeMarketplace, you can find good starter stores, to help you launch an online business quickly. Here you can see details about 2 starter websites for sale with profits, proven businesses with high potential for growth.

Two Starter Websites for Sale With Profits

Thinking of starting an ecommerce website? On the Shopify Exchange, you can find many opportunities to buy an existing, working Shopify Store for sale. You can find stores in many price ranges, stores that have just been started and also established businesses. Starter stores are stores that have been set up recently and have generated only a small amount in revenue, but are still good business propositions.

You can also find starter websites for sale with profits. These are starter stores that have good product listings, and working marketing strategies that have been successful in generating sales and profits for the store. This makes it very easy for the new owner to grow the business, focusing on marketing and adding new merchandise to attract more customers and to generate more revenue and profits.

Take a look at these two new yet profitable businesses for sale, These new stores have begun recording sales, their product selections and site design are optimised to get good conversions. 


JwlCo sells elegant watches and bracelets for men and women. The site has a good set of products for sale, and the site has generated revenue and profits showing that these are products that have a demand among customers. This is a working business ready for someone to take over and move forward.

Average Figures Per Month:     Revenue $85    Profit $80
Expenses: Shopify Plan - $30/month    Domain - $1.17/month
Time to Spend: Around 2 hours per week

The shop is being offered for sale because the owner does not have the time, he has other new ideas he wants to try, His interest is more in executing a business idea, and ensuring that it actually works, rather than in continued management and marketing of the shop.

The seller has invested a lot of time and money in selecting and modifying a good theme for the shop, choosing and sourcing  products to offer on the site, setting up and managing social media accounts for the business which now have thousands of subscribers. The basics are in place for this turnkey store, and the revenue and profits earned show that this is a good business with high potential for growth.
The buyer will get the shop, Domain, Logo and Branding Assets, Product Photos, Social Media Accounts with 15,000 followers, and Personal Support for a short time after sales.. The sale also includes a small mailing list with 12 subscribers, which the new owner can use and grow, getting more subscribers. The current owner suggests that good marketing and strategic use of the social media accounts, especially the Instagram account, can help generate more sales.

Foreign Avenue

Foreign Avenue is setup to sell different products like trendy gadgets, fashion accessories, and travel bags. The seller has used a good theme for the site and has used Facebook and Google ads to promote the site. It is a working business with an attractive storefront and a good set of products. 

The buyer can use this as a base to take the business forward, to make it a popular ecommerce site with more product offerings.

Average Figures Per Month: Revenue $3    Profit $170
Expenses: Shopify Plan - $29/month    Domain - $1.17/month    
Time to Spend: Around 10 hours per week

The business is being sold because the seller wants to try new ideas and wants this store to be in the hands of someone who can give it the time it needs to make it a full fledged revenue and profit generating business. The buyer can add more products, and use social media accounts and ads for marketing the business.
The seller has put in time and money into making this site a good business venture, showing profits within such a short time of setting up the store. The seller has used an ehproductfinder account to find and list products, and this account is included in the sale. 

The assets you get if you buy this store include the shop, the Domain, Logo and Branding Assets, Product Photos, and Social Media Accounts, including the Instagram account with 3,450 followers. The owner suggests continuing with the Facebook and Google ads and devoting time to the Instagram account, using it well to engage with the followers and generating store visits and sales.
These two starter websites for sale with profits are good opportunities to look into, visit Shopify ExchangeMarketplace to see these listings. One of these might be the right launch platform for your entrepreneurial ambitions. Buy one and make it your own, shape it according to your vision.

If you decide to buy one of these starter websites for sale with profits, you can contact them and start negotiations. Shopify Exchange provides Escrow services and a good platform to make the negotiations, sales, and transition a smooth process. 

Author: Abhisek Nal    

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