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WATCH: Kelsey Merritt Looks Unbelievably HOT in her BIKINI in the Philippines

Kelsey Merritt made history as she became the first Filipino model to walk the Victoria Secret Runway show last year. The Filipino American model became an international sensation for her stunning beauty. She’s been busy ever since, but she took some time off to go back to her motherland the Philippines. And boy does Kelsey Merritt look great in a bikini.


Someone had to get the coconuts since @conorjdwyer wanted one 🤷‍♀️😂🌴🥥 @elnidoresorts #ElNidoResorts

A post shared by Kelsey Merritt (@kelseymerritt) on

The 22-year-old model’s rise to the top hasn’t been smooth sailing. The half white, half Filipino beauty ran into some controversy as some said that she didn’t look Filipino enough. Her critics said that she had more white features than Filipino features thus marginalizing her claim as the first Filipino model.


Kelsey snapped back and pulled out her Filipino credentials and said that she was more Filipino than some full Filipinos. In a tweet, she said. “I was born in the Phillipines and raised in Pampanga. I finished my studies in Manila before I moved to the US last year. I’m more Pinoy than even people who are blood “pure” who never stepped on the Philippines. I love my country and I’m proud of where I came from.”

Enough of that drama. Let’s just admire Kelsey Merritt in a red bikini.

Here she is in what looks like those big oversized Jacquemus hat and of course a bikini.

Here she is in a two-piece white bikini.

She looks unbelievable. Kelsey is in the Philippines with her boyfriend getting some much-needed rest from her busy modeling life. It’ll be great to be there with Kelsey Merritt but these photos of her in a bikini will just have to do.


Golden hour ✨ @shangrilaboracay

A post shared by Kelsey Merritt (@kelseymerritt) on

And of course, she wouldn’t be a true model if she didn’t announce to her 1.3 million followers that she got some food. Because that’s the first thing she did when she got to the Philippines. She got some legit Filipino street food.


First thing back in Manila! Filipino street food 🤤

A post shared by Kelsey Merritt (@kelseymerritt) on

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