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What is your Biggest Dream

A man watches two he types of dreams, one which he sees while he sleeps and the other one he sees with open eyes. The later form of the dream is what we call our aim, ambition, goal, and desire. Life is incomplete and pointless without this dream. In school days, we might be interested in painting or in becoming a doctor but in college/university when our thinking gets solid, we decide what could be our biggest dream. Like everyone else, I also have a dream and I am striving hard to achieve that dream. My biggest dream is to make the world’s best “Blood Transfusion Center for Thalassemia”. Thalassemia major is a genetic blood disorder, in which blood lost its ability to make red blood cells. Thus, such a patient has to take blood from an outer source every month and even thrice a month as the patient ages. In this uplifting narrative blog, I will discuss the reason behind my dream:



Safe and Screened Blood

My dream is to have a dream blood center equipped with highly updated and modern machines to ensure safe and healthy blood for my patients. Unfortunately, there are many centers worldwide that do not pay much attention to this basic necessity of blood center thus giving patients the gift of other more deadly diseases like Hepatitis C, HIV, etc. While I got with my sister for her kids’ blood transfusion I see many such cases and feel highly wretched


Chelation Therapy Room

ChelationTherapy - Topic Overview : St.Carlos Medical Spa

It is a sad fact that patients who are transfused so frequently get highly overloaded with iron. Immediate chelation therapy is recommended to every patient. Unfortunately, no center provides them the facility to proceed in this treatment. Infusion pump helps the patient to maintain their iron level but that too at the cost of using it daily or on alternate days. We see most of the patients do not pursue like that and doctors are unaware of such practice. Thus, a well-organized and highly equipped chelation room not only helps such patient in their chelation but also motivate them by telling them the benefits of such therapy.


Free Medicines

 Patients who are already fighting for their lives after going through many painful procedures, another test awaits them, which is a struggle to find relative medicines. Medicines for thalassemia are very expensive and not easily available in every pharmacy. The patients suffer a lot of mental stress. My dream is to provide their required medicines all free of cost so that they may get relief in their painful journey.


Free Medical Tests

OLCreate:DAFNE Insulin regimen

Thalassemia patients are recommended frequent blood tests by their doctors to manage their internal medical conditions. Regular tests like LFT, RFT, Serum ferritin, Cardiac tests, and many other tests increase patient’s anxiety because of its heavy cost. I want to facilitate these patients with all free medical tests in my dream center.


Trained Medical Staff

 It is interesting to know that patients are half treated when the behavior of the staff is positive. My dream is to provide these patients with a well-trained staff. This trained staff would always be there with a happy face and a soft voice tone. The doctors pay full attention to every patient despite any family status they belong to. The nurses should have a deep sense of empathy and compassion for patients. The whole should be very friendly with their patients so that patient may not hide their medical condition thus enabling doctors to treat more effectively.


Fresh and Natural Environment

Sejm:Grunty rolne będą przeznaczane na cele nierolne bez zgody ...

My dream is to create a fresh and friendly environment for patients. The hospital should not be horrifying like conventional hospitals. My hospital should be decorated well with bright colors of walls. There would be a beautiful garden around this hospital so that patients may enjoy while waiting for their blood. Such a fresh and natural environment keeps a patient motivated.

To conclude, I want to say that my biggest dream is to prevent people from suffering. I want to take away their pains and miseries and share their grief. I want to assure them that this disease is s test from God. They must not blame themselves for this misfortune instead they must struggle hard to achieve the will of God. In such a dream center, I want these patients to fulfill all their dreams and live life happily 

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