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What kind of player are you?

Knowing oneself is fundamental to having fun in any aspect of life. If we know how we are, we will choose well both our work and our partner or our hobbies. The game world is the same and it is very important to know how you are to have a good time, to retire on time or to never play. The Canadian online casino website, Casino Pilot has researched psychological theories and proposes a test for you to know what kind of player you are. In which of these mirrors do you reflect yourself?

Playing is having a great time

So you understand and know that there are pleasures that cost money. So, just like when you go to the movies or eat out you have a set budget, you also do it when you go to the casino, face-to-face or virtual. And when your budget runs out, you go home or turn off the screen. You're one of those who always wins, whether you win or lose.

You think you have to wait for luck

You enjoy taking it one step at a time. You play red or black, you wait until you have a good hand to bet, you like to see others risk but you never raise the bet unless you are sure. You are a long-distance runner who, even if you spend a lot of time playing, you never end up exhausted, either emotionally or financially.

Luck changes and so do you.

You don't stay in one game, you like to play them all. You are passionate about combinations and never repeat a move. You don't have a method, nor are you interested, because what attracts you is the improvisation of the bet, living the present. You play each time as if it were the only one. It can be fun to play everything and change every time, but put an emotional and economic limit on yourself and retire when you've enjoyed yourself enough.

All you care about is winning

If you only have fun when you win, if you bet double every time you lose, if your emotions run high with every hit and every miss... watch out, many would say that gambling is not your thing. Before betting in a casino you should bet on calming down and rehearsing an attitude of emotional coldness in the face of luck.

Those who know, win

You are a game strategist, you play roulette like a chess player, with tactics and strategies, you count how many times a number has been repeated. The important thing to keep in mind is that, although bets can follow mathematical rules, chance does not follow them.

I'm going to win, I have my ritual

You equip yourself with everything you think brings you luck, you don't care if that hat looks ridiculous, or those colored pants, or if you have to turn the chair seven times before sitting down, or... anything goes when it comes to conjure up luck. And all those rites you trust give you confidence in your luck and you fall prey to magical thinking, you think something is going to happen just because you want it to. This thought often plays tricks on us because it blinds us, and even if we see that we have already lost more than we intended, we still trust that luck is just around the corner and in the next move we will win. It is not bad to believe in charms and luck, but do not bet more than necessary trusting in them.

To play is to compete

What fascinates you about the game is the competition. You've always succumbed to challenges no matter how foolish they were: don't walk over that fence? don't eat a raw garlic clove? don't... Don't let them challenge you because there you go and you do it and you feel like a hero. And every bet is a challenge for you, a competition. Competing can be a lot of fun but having to win all the time, no. Don't impose it on yourself and even less so in a casino.

I don't gamble ever.

Of course it's an option. Prudent, too. You may lose some emotions and stop making some money, naturally the decision is yours. It's like doing or not doing sports, going to a restaurant or making a good meal yourself, going out in a couple, in a group or alone, walking or driving... Life is full of alternatives that only you can decide. And to play or not to play is one of them.


How many of these mirrors gave you back your image? Were there any in which you didn't like what you saw? Knowing yourself is essential when something is at stake. Especially when it is our well-being and our economy that are at stake. Now that you know which foot you are limping on and what your strengths and weaknesses are, the decision is yours, from they always recommend a responsible game.

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