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​Which smartphone should be your next?

Which mobile or smartphone should you invest in next time?  That's the big question.  Should you go for the same mobile brand, or expand your horizons, and try a new mobile brand?

First question: iOS or Android?
First and foremost, you need to decide which operating system you want to choose and like best. Maybe you have been used to the Android operating system, but want to try iOS instead? Or maybe you just want to stick to the operating system that you are used to but just want a new and upgraded smartphone. Maybe a newer mobile? The big difference between Android and iOS is that iOS, also called iPhone, is faster in terms of new updates and allows you to be fast with the latest apps. Android, on the other hand, has more cheaper options and more choices of various hardware.

Second question: what is your maximum price?

Of course, price is also a big factor that comes into play when you go out and invest in a new smartphone. It may be that you have a maximum amount that you do not want to exceed and thus the smartphone range will also shrink, in relation to the many different price levels that are on the various smartphones on the market. In addition, you can always check up online through websites that calculate smartphone prices. For example, if you are going out to buy the latest iPhone model, then you can check up online where you can get it cheapest. You can also find used phones that have hardly been used on various sales sites and online sales platforms if you want to save some money. Research and use the web to find the best price. That's the keyword.

Third question: How about battery life and screen size? 
In addition, it may also be that you want a smartphone whose battery is good and can last for many hours without having to be recharged. There are also many who think it is important that the screen is large if they want to use it to watch videos and various things like that. There are also some people, who think it is important that the smartphone can be in the hand and is easy to handle. If so, do not go out and buy a monitor with more than 5.5 inches. There are many things to consider when buying a new smartphone, but it is important to think about what the smartphone should be used for, and what you want it to be able to do for yourself.

Author: Denise Dalsgaard   

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