Woman spent £20,000 on surgery to look like Ivanka Trump

How much would you spend to look like Ivanka Trump? If you’re Sarah Schmidt, 34, that answer would be £20,000. She went under the knife two months ago because she thought she looked like ‘Shrek’ in an unflattering bikini photo.

Sarah shows off her new look (Picture: Sarah Schmidt/Caters)

She decided she wanted to look more like Donald Trump’s daughter, after longing for plastic surgery from the age of 10. At first, she wanted to look like the models in Playboy, but her tastes matured. Sarah, a technology analyst, had an operation lasting over three hours to emerge on the other side a doppelganger for Ivanka.

Her ideal of perfection (Picture: Rex)

Sarah just wanted to look like Ivanka (Picture: Caters)

Dr Franklin Rose performed a rhinoplasty, liposuction under her cheeks and chin, and liposuction to her upper arms, lower back, abdomen, hips and thighs. The fat drained from her body, around the equivalent of half a pint (275ml), was injected into her buttocks as part of a Brazilian butt lift. She also had fillers in her cheeks, chin and lips. Now nearly recovered she says she couldn’t be happier with her look where she is regularly compared to Ivanka and has dropped up to two dress sizes from her previous size eight frame.

Source: metro

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