Woman used baby ‘as umbrella’ during heavy rainfall

A woman is being criticised online for using a small child as an umbrella in heavy rain.

The video was posted on Twitter, and shows the woman pacing around a car park with the young child held above her head.

The woman seems to be approaching a car before turning around and running back toward the building beside the car park.

Needless to say parents and viewers on social media were unhappy with the woman’s actions.

One person wrote: ‘She more worried about her damn hair then she is about the baby getting a cold in the rain.’

Another woman said: ‘So instead of covering the baby’s head, she just gone cover her head with the baby? That is the most backwards thing I’ve seen today.’

A concerned viewer wrote: ‘Wait… she’s protecting her hair with who she’s suppose to protect!?????’

A fourth person added: ‘I’ve honestly lost faith in the human race.’

Source: extra

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