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World's First All-Electric Plane Race To Be Held In 2020

Electrically powered aviation is being provided with the much necessary boost by many firms across the world now. But conducting an all-electric plane race for this takes things to an entirely different level. Air Race E is the one taking this initiative now.

Air Race E is being run by Air Race Events, the team is already known for its Air Race 1 World Cup held annually. Full of high-speed entertainment and aerial spectacles, the race will start accommodating all-electric planes as well, by as soon as 2020.


This is also clear from the organisation’s goals, which clearly mention a push towards ‘çleaner power’ on the website, in addition to providing entertainment to millions and helping industry partners develop the technology.

The concept is not in place as of now though. The aeroplane design is still under progress and the company is yet to finalise their sponsors and partnerships for the event. The way Air Race eyes it is in a similar manner as its regular annual air racing, having the same guidelines for a single electric motor powered light and sleek racing specific plane.

The move can be a huge boost to the electric aviation industry, given the race will act as an open platform for any and all to display their prowess in the still so niche space.

Recently, MagniX, a Gold Coast aviation technology company had also announced that it was working to make short distance all-electric flights a reality by as soon as within the next 4 years.

Source: indiatimes

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