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How To Get A New Passport In UAE For Loss Passport

Lodging a police complaint is the first step in the procedure to get a new passport.

If your passport was lost in the UAE, the first thing to do is lodge a police complaint and get a letter from the police station addressed to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigner's Affairs (GDRFA). You must then approach the GDRFA. They will stamp the letter provided by the police.


A printout of your visa status should be provided to you by the GDRFA.

You will receive a ‘lost passport’ acknowledgment certificate which will lend credibility to your case to get a new passport. After receiving the certificate you can contact the foreign consulate in Dubai and apply for a new passport. Take your new passport to the GDRFA to stamp a visa on your new passport once you get it.

Reporting lost passport

Documents required: 

- Two recent passport size photographs

- A copy of lost passport (if any)

- If the owner of the lost passport is a minor, sponsor (father or mother) should be present

- A stamped, printed letter from the company and photocopies of the company's Trade License and Establishment Card (only for expatriates on company's sponsorship)

- A letter from your sponsor with his/her signature and a copy of your sponsor's passport (only for expatriates on an individual's sponsorship)


1. Expatriates will have to go to the police station closest to where their passport was lost, fill out a special form for loss of passport and submit the documents listed above. The report made by the police should be collected and this has to be endorsed by 3 separate Dubai government entities.

2. The report prepared by the police should be taken to the Dubai Courts reception, who will stamp the police report and enter it into their system.

3. The Public Prosecution Department will follow the same procedure at no extra charge.

4. Get the police report stamped by the GDRFA and pay Dh20.

5. A formal ‘lost passport’ certificate in Arabic will be issued to you once you submit the stamped certificate to the same police station that you filed your complaint in.

6. Follow the embassy rules of your government to get a new passport after you take your certificate to your respective embassy.

All embassies have different guidelines and some of them require you to legally translate the report from Arabic to your country’s language. Go to the GDRFA to get a new visa once you have the new passport issued by your embassy.

Citizens of UAE can go to the General Department of Investigation and complete all the procedures directly.

Author: Tanya Michael   

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