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Types And Reasons Of LABOR Bans In UAE

What is Ban?
Ban is a legal mechanism that prevents employee or residents from re-entering the same country or a person who served ban is will be unable to work or live in specific Country.

Types of Ban in United Arab Emirates:
There are Two Types of Ban in United Arab Emirates.

  1. Immigration Ban
  2. Labour Ban, Employment Ban or Work permit Ban
Immigration Ban

What is Immigration Ban?
All countries except UAE and GCC nationals need permission for the Government of UAE (Ministry of Immigration) to enter in UAE or any part of UAE, as each Emirate of UAE has their own Immigration section with different rules and regulations.
So, if you are denied to enter in UAE you should know you have Immigration ban from Government of UAE.

Reason of Immigration Ban:

There are numerous reasons of immigration bans in UAE but we will discuss the most important and popular cause of bans in Emirates.
You will be banned or you cannot enter UAE or any emirate of UAE if you have Immigration Ban due to any Criminal offences, Illegal Visa entry or exit, Fake passports entry and exits, Weapons or ammunition, Drugs, Bounced cheques, Murder case, Serious Abusing case with UAE Citizens, inappropriate relationship, theft, rape, violence, Breaking serious Rules and regulation of UAE Government, or any other crimes.


How to Remove Immigration Ban?
The mostly asked question is how to remove immigration ban, is there any way or any e-services provided from government of UAE or from Ministry of Immigration? The answer will be a big NO.
You will face immigration ban till the time you are cleared by Ministry of Immigration or you have served your Sentence.

Labour Ban or Work Permit Ban

What is Labour Ban?
Leaving a job without any reason, breaking terms and condition of Labour Contract or Started another job before finishing the first contract will cause Labour ban on you.

How many types of Labour ban?
Labour ban also known as Employment ban or work permit ban and there are two types of Labour Ban.

  1. 6 months Labour ban
  2. 1 year Labour ban

What is the Reason of 6 Months Labour ban?
Every Employee of UAE will be banned automatically by Ministry of Labour (MOL) if you leave a current company (job) without any solid reason, and the duration of this ban will be 6 Months. You will not allow entering again to any emirate of UAE until you cleared the ban status.

Can I travel to UAE on Visit Visa if I have 6 months ban?
Yes there is no restriction by Government or Ministry of Labours for you to enter any Emirates of United Arab Emirates on Tourist or Visit Visa.

How to Remove 6 Months Labour Ban?

  • Is there any way to Remove 6 months ban inside UAE?
  • How to remove 6 months ban?
  • How to remove labour ban without leaving country?
  • How to apply for another visa if you have labour ban for 6 months?
  • Internet and social sites are full of these questions that how to remove ban or is there any E-services provided for Labours by Government of UAE the answer will be big YES.
  • You can remove your 6 months ban without Leaving Uae by finding a job in any Free zone of United Arab Emirates or Any Government Job but you have to mention qualification above high school with 5000 AED monthly Salary, Diploma holders with 7000 AED monthly salary and Bachelor’s degree holders with 12000 monthly salary in new Agreement.

What is the Reason of 1 Year Labour ban?
Losing a case in any emirates of UAE against your employer (Company), leaving a Government Job before completing your Limited labour Contract or Violation of Terms and Conditions of your Labour Contract will put 1 year ban on you and you will not allowed to visit UAE until you finish 1 year Labour ban.


Lucky Employee who will not face Labour Ban?

Is there anyone in UAE who will not face Labour Ban? Yes below mention employees may not have a Labour ban:

  1. Citizens of UAE will not have immigration and Labour ban.
  2. Joining an Oil company.
  3. Employees who are Changing job within same free zones.
  4. Employees who are joining Government or Semi-Government Organizations.
  5. Employees who have completed their Limited term contracts.
  6. Employees who have completed 3 years of Service under Unlimited term contract.

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