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10 Airplanes only Billionaires Can Afford

The invention of aircrafts has really changed the course of humanity. What was once a month-long journey to another country across the sea could now be travelled in just an hour’s time, thanks to passenger airplanes. Goods and even medical and military shipments are easier and faster than before because of cargo planes.

Of course, we all know that aircrafts are worth a fortune, but did you know that some of the most expensive planes on this list are worth 500 million or even 2 billion dollars?



Owned by the richest man in Russia Alisher Usmanov, this aircraft is not only one of the most expensive but also the largest plane in Russia.

AlisherUsmanov plane

The owner spent a hefty amount not only customizing the interiors but also paying for the plane’s new paint job that bears Usmanov’s father’s name, Bourhkan.

CustomizedAirbus A340-300

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Source: richandricher

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