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15 Haunted Places You Should Never Search On Google Earth

13. This Random Spot In Brazil Goes Black And Reveals A Demon


There’s one spot in Brazil where as you’re beginning to walk around, all of a sudden, everything goes black. There’s nothing particularly scary about the spot, and it seems normal, but once you get to a certain point, everything disappears, and it all turns black. It seems like a normal thing; maybe they just lost the footage for a brief moment and this spot is undocumented. However, if you turn around on the street, you’ll see the horrifying shadow of a man standing right behind you! It’s a disturbing sight and one that would keep us off of Google Maps for sure. There’s just something about how dark it gets and the fact that you only see one man standing alone that make this particular spot so incredibly horrifying. It’s fun to explore Google maps alone in the comfort of your own home but not when you might run into something as scary as this.

12. Bogota Colombia, Where Torture Chambers Hide Underground And People Live In Filth

The image above is a still taken from Google Maps located in Bogota, Columbia. It’s known as one of the most dangerous cities in the world, and from the image above, you can tell that it certainly doesn’t look like a safe place to be. Apparently, there were recently several warehouse basements found that had substituted as torture chambers. Crime and gang-related activity are rampant here, and more live in poverty than not. The streets are filled with the homeless, and garbage is littered everywhere. It’s a tragic sight thinking about how humans have to live in a place like that. No one deserves to have to sleep on the street surrounded by garbage. For those who live here, however, that’s exactly what they have to endure every day. It’s hard to navigate around the city, even just on a computer screen.

11. Slovakia, A Place With 100% Unemployment And No Running Utilities Anywhere

The image above was taken in Slovakia in one of the poorest cities in the world. The people are living in so much poverty, in fact, that the unemployment rate is at one hundred percent. That means that there’s no one in the entire city with a job. Clearly, it’s not the ideal place to live, but with no access to making money at all, how is anyone supposed to leave? There are no utilities left on for anyone either, meaning people are living in terrible conditions. It’s like a post-apocalyptic world here. The worst part about making your way through the city is seeing all of the children playing around. Knowing a child has to live like that is absolutely heartbreaking. They’re chasing the car in most images, probably shocked to see something like the Google Maps car driving through their area.

10. The Once Beautiful Aleppo Destroyed By Civil War

Aleppo was a once stunning place filled with beautiful views and stunning sights. Torn apart by a brutal civil war, it’s now a destroyed place filled with empty buildings and crumbling structures. We hear about war often and definitely see some pictures of the aftermath that we didn’t want to see. There’s something way different about actually being able to feel like you’re in the area. You can get a perspective as if you’re standing on the street and can walk around like you would if you were really there. It’s chilling to see just how much damage has been done. All of the schools where children learned, stores where happy people bought presents, and homes where people created loving families and memories are destroyed. They’re crumbling to the ground and will never be the same. The results are absolutely haunting but can all be seen on Google Maps if you can stomach it.

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